Sean Doherty

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Sean Doherty

Sean Doherty founded Odyssey Telecorp in 2002 with the goal of acquiring technology and telecom businesses that, at that time, most investors viewed as “out of favor.” During 2003-2005, Sean and his partners at Odyssey completed the acquisition and consolidation of a group of fiber and wireless telecom companies. In 2006, Odyssey sold this wholesale broadband fiber business, Progress Telecom, to level 3. Odyssey retained the wireless businesses it developed through this consolidation initiative.

Sean is probably best known for his role as founding COO of @Home — the giant broadband services company conceived by Will Hearst and John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins with cable-TV legend, John Malone. While with @Home, Sean had senior oversight responsibility for the company’s day-to-day operations. Later, Sean became president of the company’s business services division — @Work. In 1997, @Home completed one of the year’s most successful IPOs.

Sean left @Home to start Shoreline Capital, a strategic equity investor focused on telecom restructuring, turnarounds and buyouts. Shoreline has been a co-investor in all of Odyssey Telecorp’s investments.

Early in his career, Doherty pioneered the market for instant messaging software in enterprises. In 1984 Doherty was the founder/CEO of Tradenet, where he developed one of the world’s first instant messaging products and built an installed base of trading and brokerage customers that ultimately spanned 20 countries. In 1992 he founded Team Software where he developed the first IM product for private corporate networks and the Internet.

Sean was the Chairman of Progress Telecom before its sale to Level3. He is currently the Chairman of and Progress Telecom Holdings (“PTH”) and sits on the board of Tower Cloud Tower Cloud — a company co-founded by Odyssey and Tower Cloud’s CEO.

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