Attributor Received $12 Million for Content Tracking Service

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C Round: $12,000,000


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Attributor provides a content tracking and analysis system for content.

Attributor has multiple services for content owners. As a content owner they can monitor and look for copies of your content.

Here is the fascinating piece of their platform, they state that their system will then determine if the site that has your content is complying with your terms of use, such as placement of advertising or links back.

Even more interesting is they state you can then control, if the site with your content does not comply, whether it surfaces in search engines or in some circumstances whether it can be monetized by an advertising network. This control will allow you to remove the benefit of stealing your work or not complying with your terms of use.

Attributor also states that “publishers can now program when, how and where their content is presented across the Web and social networks. Advanced fingerprinting algorithms, a large-scale crawling infrastructure and detailed contextual analysis provide publishers with Web-wide visibility of their articles, images or videos.


Funding Total: $12,000,000

Round Date Amount Pre Amount Post Amount
C 04/2008 $12,000,000
Investors: JAFCO Ventures, Sigma Partners

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