Rubicon Project Raises $21 Million for Ad Optimization Network

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Rubicon Project Raises $21 Million for Ad Optimization Network

Rubicon Project raised $21 Million in Series B funding from Mayfield Fund, IDG Ventures Asia, Stanford University, University of California Berkeley, Clearstone Venture Partners and individual investor Matt Coffin (founder of

What does the Rubicon Project do?

Rubicon is an advertising optimization technology.

VCU says:

The Rubicon Project takes care of ad optimization on your website. Much like Pubmatic, but it appears to have more functionality.

Essentially you have advertising space on your website and you either place code for one ad network, or use a ad serving engine to place code from multiple sites. However you would need to set up the ad serving engine, the networks, the rules, etc. With the Rubicon Project you merely paste code onto your site for the various ad sizes (728×90, 300×250, standard IAB sizes), and they take care of the rest.

The “rest” is the ability for you to use up to 300 different ad networks and the Rubicon Project will optimize them by determining which ad network performs best on your site (see screen shot below from their video). You can also set up different zones and what category the zone is. For example, you may have a news site with a section having sports news, that would be a zone.

You may even provide age, gender, and ethnicity to assist in optimization.

The reporting is impressive, it shows which ad networks performed best across which area of the world. They will optimize networks based on where the traffic is coming from, in other words ad network X may perform best for North American traffic and ad network Y may perform best for South American traffic.

The founders of the Rubicon Project created L90/adMonitor in 1998, one of the most successful Internet advertising platforms that served over 3,000 of the web’s most recognized sites, reaching 65% of the Internet population before DoubleClick acquired it.

In the twelve weeks since their launch, more than 3,000 websites have signed up and we have optimized more than 4 billion ads across 50 of the top ad networks. Currently their service is in beta and you have to submit your request to use their network.

Take a look at Rubicon Project.




Read more about Mayfield Fund here.

Read more about IDG Ventures (Asia) here.

Read more about Clearstone Venture Partners here.

Stanford University

University of California Berkeley

Matt Coffin, individual investor (founder of

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