StyleFeeder Received $2 Million for Personal Shopping Engine

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StyleFeeder Received $2 Million for Personal Shopping Engine

StyleFeeder raised $2 Million in Series A funding from Highland Capital Partners and Schooner Capital. StyleFeeder previously raised $1 Million in Seed Capital here.

What does the StyleFeeder do?

StyleFeeder is a personal shopping engine that gets to know your personal style and attempts to recommend products that reflect it.

VCU says:

StyleFeeder has in interesting technology as they have created an intelligent personal shopping recommendation engine. They attempt to learn about your sense of style. However, some people are rejected as I was, apparently according to their system I have no style (joking).

StyleFeeder no only attempts to determine your style over time, it can start immediately by attempting to discover what you will like by looking at others who you are connected with. Search results are returned with your predicted order of preference in mind. That may or may not be good, you may have a reason not to have biased results.

StyleFeeder is taking advantage of Facebook with their own application.

StyleFeeder currently works with celebrities such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Dylan and Cole Sprouse to help them create more intimate connections with their fans while enhancing their own brands and visibility by sharing their expertise.

It is an impressive technology and well implemented, take a look at StyleFeeder.




Read more about Highland Capital Partners here

Read more about Schooner Capital here

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