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You may want to consider obtaining a .CO domain name. The history behind top level domains is the fact that the original .COM was to be for commercial organizations and other extensions such as .NET had their own specific names such as for network companies and .GOV were to be for governmental organizations. Now the .CO is to be for companies and corporations. Over time people will realize this more and may pay attention to the differences between the domains. You can use one of these godaddy coupons for a $10.99 .CO when they are regularly $30. You can also use this coupon at check, the one below:

Use GoDaddy Coupon Code: DOTCO1
for $10.99 .CO Domains

co domain couponAt first everyone thought only .COM was the only extension of a domain name to have but then realized slowly as more domains were purchased and utilized that .NET and others are also widely available and used. Over time people may realize that .CO domains are what you use and type as the extension to a name if they are going to a company website. So maybe you have your customer facing site and use the .com and your corporate presence is the same name however with a .CO.

There other reasons to have it as well. One of which is the fact that if someone were to type in .COM but forget the “m” they would end up at the .CO domain. Therefore it is best to have your domain not only the .COM domain but also in the .CO form otherwise your traffic may lead to another website. If you brand your website domain so that everyone can recognize it then people are going to type it directly into their browser. But if they merely forget one character they may not go to your site if you do not have the .CO.

So does having a .CO mean you have to create an entirely new website? No you don’t. What you can do is simply redirect one domain to another. You can do that within the GoDaddy interface and simply put in the .com domain name for a redirection.

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