Peanut Labs Received $3.2 Million for Market Research Across Social Networks

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Peanut Labs Received $3.2 Million for Market Research Across Social Networks

Peanut Labs raised $3.2 Million in Series A funding from Leapfrog Ventures and BV Capital.

What does Peanut Labs do?

Peanut Labs is a market research company that samples data from over 70 social networks.

VCU says:

Peanut Labs has integrated with over 70 social networks and other sites to obtain sample data. They then provide market research based on these samples.

From their site they state the following sample pool of 27 million and over 500,000 survey respondents in the past 60 days, yielding an average survey response rate of 29% over the same period.

Peanut Labs states “Many of our market research clients today, more than 30 of the Honomichl Top 50 market research firms, turn to Peanut Labs to access hard to reach demographic segments within Gen X, Gen Y and Boomer consumer audiences.

Take a look at PeanutLabs.




Read more about Leapfrog Ventures here.

Read more about BV Capital here.

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