Panther Express Received $15.75 Million for their Content Delivery Service

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Panther Express Received $15.75 Million for their Content Delivery Service

Panther raised $15.75 Million in Series B funding from Index Ventures, Gold Hill Capital and Greylock Partners.

What does Panther do?

Panther is a content delivery network focused on the balance of price and performance.

VCU says:

Panther Express states that their content delivery network (CDN) provides rapid, reliable and affordable delivery worldwide. Their goal is to provide the best price to performance ratio.

Having used many CDN’s myself, and the biggest, it has been interesting to watch how they progress. The long standing CDNs have had to adapt to issues such as larger files with higher resolution video, more files of shorter length typically in flash and needing to be converted, the need for detailed statistics and reporting, progressive downloads and of course worldwide audiences.

Newer CDNs have been able to build their architecture taking these issues into account. You will see on the Panther Express site that they explain how their services work for specific implementations such as Adserving, E-commerce, Gaming, Multimedia, News/blogs, Progressive Downloads and more.

Their site is very well organized and an excellent source of information. After reading through it I want to point out two specific pieces of information, two of their many impressive features. First is their pricing, if you have ever purchased CDN services the minimum “use or lose” payments to obtain reasonable pricing can be frustrating particularly as you are growing and have to estimate your traffic. They offer month-to-month plans, that’s impressive.

From their site “We understand the pressures on your business and offer a simple month-to-month plan that eliminates fiscal risk and requires no minimum or annual commitments. We offer the lowest costs for world-class CDN services.

Secondly they have embraced progressive downloads (for podcasts and other media) and come up with the following interesting feature.

From their site “Panther’s Progressive Download Seek (PDSeek) provides the seamless ability to skip forward within progressive downloads.“.

Take a look at Panther Express.


Kevin P. Ryan and Dwight Merriman, former CEO and CTO of DoubleClick


Read more about Index Ventures here.

Read more about Gold Hill Capital here.

Read more about Greylock Partners here.

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