iRise Received $20 Million for their Software Visualization Tool

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iRise Received $20 Million for their Software Visualization Tool

iRise raised $3 Million from Morgan Stanley Venture Partners, Gold Hill Capital, SVB Silicon Valley Bank and Deutsche Bank.

What does iRise do?

iRise provides a visualization tool allowing you to view the desired output of your engineering efforts before creating the fully functional production version.

VCU says:

The iRise tool is amazing and for anyone that has lived the software development life cycle, whether for an off the shelf product or a living breathing dynamic website, the value of experiencing the site or product prior to utilizing a large group of resources only to realize you need to make changes that would of surfaced and been avoided in a visualization of your desired outcome – is pure gold saving time, money, and frustration.

A direct quote from their site shows how they view the world embracing their product “
Our Vision: By 2020 all business software will be visualized prior to development, the same way that visualization is a common practice in the design of every car, airplane and semiconductor today.

Take a look at iRise.




Read more about Gold Hill Capital here.

Read more about SVB Silicon Valley Bank here.

Deutsche Bank

Morgan Stanley Venture Partners

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