Goodmail Systems Raised $12 Million

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Why are Founders Richard Gingras and Daniel T. Dreymann smiling?

Goodmail Systems has just secured $12 Million in funding.

What is Goodmail Systems?

Goodmail Systems, Inc. is the ,

Who Invested?

Softbank Capital, DCM, and Emergence Capital Partners have invested in Goodmail Systems.

What will they use this funding for?

According to them, they will use this second round of funding to expand their market presence, grow their customer base and educate email recipients about the security and safety benefits of CertifiedEmail. So it sounds like they want to make sure people know their company exists, get more customers, and tell everyone what their product does…hmmmm….not a bad idea.

VCU says:
In today’s world, spam filters may categorize your emails as junk. Many of your important emails can be lost and messages remain undelivered. However, with certified email your emails are safe and are distributed to the inbox of the targeted receiver.

Goodmails’ CertifiedEmail service provides a safe and reliable class of email for the benefit of consumers, legitimate senders, and mailbox providers. The company works closely with ISPs and mailbox providers, while offering a new class of email that protects customers from spam, phishing, and frauds.

See their site here.

Read more about Richard Gingras here.

Read more about Daniel T. Dreymann here.

Read more about DCM here.

Read more about Softbank here.

Read more about Emergence Capital Partners here.

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