Medio Systems Receives $30 Million

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Should founders Brian Lent and Michael Libes be happy?

Sure, if $30 million makes them smile!

What is Medio Systems?

Medio Systems offers services catering to Mobile search, Mobile merchandizing, and Mobile advertising. The Medio Search system combines various facets like enhanced mobile search, various platforms of advertising and marketing to create a fundamentally strong revenue boosting eco-system.

Who Invested:

Mohr Davidow Ventures, Fraizer Technology Ventures, Trilogy Equity Partners and Dot Edu Ventures have come together to fund this company.

VCU says:
Looks like Mobile search is the next big money earning avenue. Just as you search using Search engines on your desktops pr laptops, with Medio’s solutions you can search information on your mobile or PDA.

As a mobile user, you can search extensive data and information through the Mobile search solutions provided by Medio to your Mobile service providers. It’s quick, easy and efficient, just the way search engines are meant to be.

Additionally, mobile merchandizing helps to present more precise and valuable download content to those who will purchase it. And by using Medio’s Mobile Advertising platform you can target specific demographics with ads that not only look good but also get clicked.

See their site here.

Read more about Brian Lent here.

Read more about Michael Libes here.

Read more about Accel Partners here.

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