MobiTV Tops Its Tank with Third Round Funding of $30 Million

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Why are Founders Dr. Phillip Alvelda and Paul Scanlan smiling?
MobiTV Inc. has topped its tank again with a $ 30 Million funding.

What is MobiTV?
It is the

Who Invested?
Adobe Systems and Hearst Corporation have invested in MobiTV Inc.

What will Mobi do with this round of funding?
MobiTV is going to use the funds to increase its headcount to service the existing customers like Sprint PCS, Cingular, and other wireless carriers. MobiTV will also consider acquiring other companies with key technologies or revenue models that are core to MobiTV’s business of providing content to mobile and wireless platforms.

VCU says:
Hmm, live content for Mobile, Computer, and Wireless Customers! A great way to tune in to your favorite TV programs, Music and other Channels while on the go. This service is available through out US for Cingular, Sprint, and Alltel customers. MobiTV is also available in Britain through MSPs such as 3, and Orange UK. MobiTV is an Emmy Award winning service and have over 1 million paying subscribers around the world. It offers many popular TV channels from providers such as ABC New, CNN, Fox News, ESPN 3GTV, MSNBC, NBC mobile, Discovery Channel along with a host of other content providers for cartoons, comedy and much more.

MobiTV was founded in 1999 and has, since then gained tremendous response and garnered wide-respect for its program content and quality. Therefore, if you are going on a long trip and hate to miss your favorite soap, or want to stay in tune with breaking news as it happens, subscribe to MobiTV and enjoy!

See their site here.

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