Piczo Receives $11 Million : A Teen Social Network

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Why is Jim Conning smiling?

He has 11 Million reasons.

What is Piczo?

An online social network that provides a safe and creative environment for teen self-expression.

Who Invested?

U.S. Venture Partners and Mangrove Capital Partners both invested in this Series C round.

What will they use this funding for?

From a press release they stated “Piczo will use the additional capital to continue its worldwide expansion, deliver new tools that empower teens to build their own personal online communities in a safer online environment, and expand its relationships with strategic partners and advertisers.”

VCU says:

They claim to have a safer online environment in the social networking space for teenagers and younger adults.

Their claim to a safer environment is an invite-only platform and no user search capabilities. They allow users to have more control and prevent unwanted communication. Piczo also works with parents, safety experts and law enforcement to assist in protecting user privacy and safety.

They state that they are popular among teens in Europe and North America. They offer video and photo-sharing, enhanced multi-media capabilities, and fully customizable user pages for enhanced online self expression and communication between friends.

Having children myself, I have to admit – I like the idea or a safer (no one said completely safe) environment.

See their site here.

Read more about Jim Conning here.

Read more about U.S. Venture Partners here.

Read more about Mangrove Capital Partners here.

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