Platial Raises $2.4 Million : Create and use Maps of Places

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Platial Raises $2.4 Million

Platial closes a series A round of financing of $2.4 Million.

What does Platial do?

They call themselves the Peoples Atlas, using Google maps API they allow you to map almost anything including: photos, video, feeds, stories, neighborhoods, travels, friends, and then place that map on your site or keep for reference.

Who Invested?

Funding was received from KeyNote Ventures who joined the existing investors: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Omidyar Network, Ram Shriram, and Ron Conway.

What will they use this funding for?

It was not stated.

VCU says:

Palatial allows you to use their MapMaker to add your places, oragnize them, find others interested with the same places, and publish the map anywhere.

Even without joining you can utilize their search functionality and find anything you may be interested in near you. Choose keywords, such as parks, pools, ice cream etc. then the location where you are looking to find them such as a city and state or zip, to see results.

A google map is presented with markers, on the right each marker shows you what the marker is for and which member of Platial put the marker there. After using it I am not sure how the markers are ranked in order, clearly the first marker was not the closest to my zip code. I assume the search will have more interesting content as the site grows and additional users add to the database.

Jason at Palatial gave an example of what lead to Palatial and how it works on their about page, paraphrased here:

“The specific concept ….. came after Di-Ann and I had moved to Amsterdam …. We encouraged a lot of people to come visit….and couldn’t be tour guides all day long.

We made them maps,…. There was the grocery store, the post office, the good bakery and the locals’ lunch spot, plus the place to watch the barges come around the canal,…. Dutch friends would invariably be telling us, or our house guests about their great, unknown Places too, jotting crude directions on napkins and travel book pages.

We ended up with a kitchen drawer stuffed full of these notes….. A few maps got lost, loaned out or recombined, others got photocopied or emailed or taped to front doors as invitations.

Then we moved back to the United States, and that drawer of Places lost its context, it became useless in Portland. We wanted a way to preserve all that knowledge in a powerful, useful, contextual way.”

Interesting service, and powerful use of the google maps API.

See their site here.


Read more about KeyNote Ventures here.

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