Red 5 Studios Raises $18.5 Million

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Why are founders Mark Kern, and William Petras smiling?

Red 5 Studios has just raised $18.5 Million in funding recently.

What does Red 5 Studios do?

Red 5 Studios creates massively multiplayer games.

Who Invested?

Benchmark Capital and Sierra Ventures have invested in Red 5 Studio’s Series-A round of funding with $18.5 million.

What will they use this funding for?

Red 5 Studios will use the funds for growth in an effort to become the leading studio for creative, original MMO games for the international mass market.

VCU says:
Online multiplayer gaming is a rapidly expanding sector. With more and more people willing to spend on broadband connections to get a better and higher quality online gaming experience in the company of their friends or just complete strangers, Red 5 has tapped a ripe market.

According to the Red 5 head, the company is a “creative Mecca for the world’s best game development talent to realize their own vision.” The company’s uniquely talented development team is focused on creating the most exciting massively multiplayer titles for a global audience.

These dynamic virtual games are next-generation, massively multiplayer games. True to the company’s mission, the games created by Red 5 are the best online games in the market and fun to play. Based on original stories and themes, the games have a world-wide audience.

See their site here.

Read more about Mark Kern here.

Read more about William Petras here.

Read more about Benchmark Capital here.

Read more about Sierra Ventures here.

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