Amazon invests in Shelfari an Undisclosed Amount

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Amazon invests undisclosed amount in Shelfari Series A

Amazon, the well known book (and other product) seller, invests in Shelfari a social networking site for readers.

What does Shelfari do?

Shelfari is a social network, to use the word loosely, focused on books, another niche network with interesting web 2.0 features.

Who Invested?, Inc. (AMZN).

What will they use this funding for?

It was not stated exactly what the funds would be used for. However, they did also announce a newly formed board of advisors: Alex Algard, founder of and; Geoff Entress, a venture investor; Brad Feld, a managing director at Foundry Group; Andy Sack, a co-founder of Judy’s Book; and Kelly Smith, a partner in Curious Office.

VCU says:

Another web 2.0 social network is started. As we have mentioned when discussing other social networks it is interesting to see niche networks around a common interest of those joining.

In this case it is a community built around the enjoyment of reading, with members creating and sharing virtual bookshelves.

The interface enables users to build their own virtual bookshelves and socially interact around the books they care about. As a user you may see what your friends are reading, what others who have similar interests are reading, and provide book recommendations.

Groups are also provided so you may bring your book club online. Once you have created your virtual bookshelf you can embed it into other websites such as social networks.

A very interesting feature is the ability to add your Amazon’s affiliate (associate) ID into the code so you will receive referral credit for the books purchased off of your shelf.

Here is my shelf:

See their site here.

Read more about Josh Hug here.

Read more about Kevin Beukelman here.

Read more about Mark Willamson here.

Read more about Amazon here.

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