Click Forensics Receives $5 Million

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Can a raise of $5 Million battle a multi-billion dollar industry?

Click Forensics receives $5 Million in their quest to battle click fraud.

What is Click Forensics?

Click Forensics is a click fraud detection company.

Who Invested?

Funding was led by Austin Ventures and also received funding from Shasta Ventures.

What will they use this funding for?

We do not know exactly, but we assume to expand their service offerings, continue R&D as they are a market leader in this industry, and as we understand they are moving their headquarters to Austin, Texas. I guess that happens when one of your investors is “Austin Ventures”, and apparently there was one string attached.

VCU says:

The billion dollar cost per click (CPC) industry does not want to acknowledge the elephant in the room. That elephant is click fraud. So what is this ‘click fraud’ exactly. Let me explain by way of example, let’s assume you as an advertiser you bid $.50 for everyone who clicks on your advertisement you paid to have placed in a search engine’s sponsored section. If one person clicks the advertisement more than once, you have now paid twice, or $1.00 instead of $.50, for that one unique visitor. Now that is not fraud, however you would prefer not to pay for both.

Fraud can occur in many instances, such as an automated program which clicks your advertisement periodically, a competitor constantly clicking your advertisement with no desire to visit your site, buy your service etc. Why would someone set up an automated program? Here’s a little known reason, some search engines allow others to place the search engine’s ads on their site. The search engine does this to increase their reach and therefore their clicks and revenue. The site which has a search engines ads appear makes a split of the revenue when an ad is clicked and they then have an incentive (if they have no sense of right and wrong) to click your advertisement with no desire to visit your site or buy your service etc.

Now enter Click Forensics, they do more than just check that multiple clicks have come from one domain. Not only do they have tools to uncover click fraud they have created a community of advertisers to pool information, resources and ideas. They launched the Click Fraud Network. They also came up with an index, the “Click Fraud Index”.

It appears they are on the forefront of the battle for click fraud. I encourage you to take a look at their services and keep an eye on this one.

See their site here.


Read more about Austin Ventures here.

Read more about Shasta Ventures here.

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