Fliqz Receives $2.5 Million in Series B

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Fliqz Receives $2.5 Million in Series B

Fliqz, Inc. Secures $2.5 Million in Series B funding for their plug and play video solutions.

What does Fliqz do?

They provide what they call a “plug and play” video solution for other websites. In short, websites are able to outsource the fullfilment of their video needs on their site.

Who Invested?

Funding was received from Mohr Davidow Ventures.

What will they use this funding for?

It was stated that the funding will allow them to expand their development of additional premium tools and services, as well as enter new markets.

VCU says:

This is a great service. Essentially the days of “we just host files for you” service companies are gone. Now they are yielding to services that may have once been commodities if taken on a service by service basis and packaging these services, creating easy integration “plug and play” and allow your site to be up and running with new functionality.

What do we mean? To explain by example, there are services to host files, and those specializing in hosting large files, as well as deliver the files by replicated servers throughout the world so you do not have to (such as Akamai or Limelight). There are also those that specialize in streaming files. And of course specialized service providers for embedding, watermarking, advertising, providing a player etc.

Fliqz provides all of the above and more: uploading, storage and management, streaming, sharing, linking and embedding. Partner sites can customize every aspect of the video experience, including skinning, watermarking, branding, advertising, resolution, and video player functionality.

Currently Fliqz reports they have served over 100 million videos and provides their solution to over 300 partner sites.

See their site here.


Read more about Mohr Davidow Ventures here.

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