iSkoot Receives $7 Million

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iSkoot raises $7 Million in series B funding

iSkoot, a provider of mobile Internet communications solutions and is looking to become a leader in VoIP solutions, just raised $7 Million in their Series B announced Feb 27, 2007. Their series A funding was a total of $6.2 million.

What does iSkoot do?

They provide software to enable calls from a mobile phone to your PC received in an application such as Skype.

Who Invested?

Charles River Ventures, Khosla Ventures, ZG Ventures, and Jesselson Capital Corp fund.

What will they use this funding for?

They stated they would use the funding to expand their sales, research and development, and marketing efforts.

VCU says:

Take the ‘FREE’ out of skype and you have iSkoot, unless we misunderstand their application. Essentially you install iSkoot on your mobile device, or it comes preloaded as they are working with various carriers.

The iSkoot application can communicate with Skype, you can see who is online and place a call from your mobile phone to that user at their PC. It is noted on their site that you do not need to be in a wi-fi location, which leads us to beleive that the only way to place a call is through your carrier. So while you are calling another individual utlizing their skype application to communicate back to you, you are still placing a call on your carriers network which falls within your calling plan. They do not say whether your call will be free utlizing the Internet if you are in a wi-fi enabled zone.

They mention they are planning interoperability not only with Skypeâ„¢ but also with Googleâ„¢ Talk, and Yahooâ„¢.

Our preference whould be to default to free calls using a wi-fi network while on my mobile, and reverting to the carrier calls while not within range of a free wi-fi network. However, that being said, this is an interesting application and look to see others jump into the waters.

See their site here.


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