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Socializr receives $770,000

From what we have read we understand that they raised $770,000 for a team of three, who have been working since late 2006. Funding was received from Rembrandt Venture Partners and multiple independent investors.

What does Socializr do?

They would like to be your place for sharing event and party information with your friends.

What will they use this funding for?

Based on the team being three individuals and their service being fairly new, we can only assume it is for further development, hiring and marketing. Probably the majority going into sustaining the team of three to validate their service by hitting certain metrics prior to justifying a larger raise. However this, as everything we write, is only our opinion.

VCU says:

Jonathan Abrams is the founder of Socializr, and previously the founder of Friendster. Socializr is a free web service for sharing event and party information with your friends.

This is an interesting space as there are other competitors, however they tie in social networking features. You will receive your own unique URL that you can keep private or make public (invite anyone you like) so others can see the events you are attending.

When you share an event with a friend, they can then share the event with their friends, a tool to make your event go viral. Not sure you want that, but interesting.

Other features include creating guest lists, embed with flash widgets, send text messages to your guests, add media to your event such as photos, music, and videos, and more.

They also have organizations that can add their events for the public to view. You can then add that organizations events to your own calendar.

They have accomplished a lot in a short period of time with a small team, and they have interesting features.

See their site here.


Read more about Jonathan Abrams here.


Read more about Rembrandt Venture Partners here.



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