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I have a personal affinity for specialty sites. What I mean when I say a “specialty site” is one that has a very specific focus. I personally think more and more websites will be in niche industries or niche areas. In other words instead of a site like eBay that tries to be everything to everyone, more sites will be very specific. For example our coupon site has only coupons such as those for domain names to obtain a discount. the page that you will find when you follow that URL has coupons just like the entire site and those specific to a particular company. That site is a niche site because it only provides coupons. That is it. That is the only reason you go there and that is the only thing you get when you are there. Other big sites such as Yahoo or MSN attempt to do everything. Often the message is lost in such a large site because it is essentially lost in all the confusion.

Future Companies Will be Speciality Sites
The only way a company can make a name for itself these days, or a brand, is to be known by the customer for a particular thing. There are too many large generic sites to try and break into that space. Therefore it is my opinion that if you are creating a brand and you want the consumer to remember your brand you have to be very niche in what you are offering. It is also helpful for the consumer to remember your brand if it is descriptive. Now I always suggest you talk to an attorney because descriptive terms are not trademarkable. There are cases when it is possible but it is not the norm. But if you are able to have a somewhat descriptive domain name and provide the service that is in that domain name then it is my feeling that more people will remember you for what you offer. And as a small business if you want to create a brand that may be your only option to get started. I cannot remember what the quote is but I heard that people can only remember a certain number of companies or brands. If that is the case then of course you want to be one that they will remember. Obviously that is easier said than done.

So Create a Niche
One of the best things about a niche is if you can actually create a niche. One of the sites that just received funding is called StitchFix. They provide an online personal shopping assistant service. After you give them information about what you are interested in they then have a personal stylist choose clothes for you and send it to you. You only pay for the ones you want to keep. The only reason I mention this is that this particular site is obviously a speciality business. But they are more than that because they are not only in a niche but in a niche that they created. They actually created the industry that they are in. This, in my opinion, is the best possible scenario. Create a new niche that has never been exploited before, that is ideal. Best of luck to you in creating your own specially site.

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