Raises $1.6 Million : Video Guide Launching March 2007

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Sean Doherty founded which was originally seed funded in 2005 by Odyssey partners, Shoreline Capital, and others. We understand that Odyssey and Will Hearst have invested this recent $1.6 Million (discovered here).

What does do? is a video guide for professionally produced video from cable and television networks. They officially launch this March 2007. Their tagline is All the best videos. All in one place.

VCU says: has an interesting history, Sean Doherty is the Chairman and acting-CEO of, and also the Chairman/CEO of Odyssey Telecorp, one of the original seed funders of through Odyssey partners, assuming our research is correct (see site).

As their site is just launching it is evolving, at the moment you can find channels of related content. Their model is to link to the videos and not host them. Therefore this will greatly reduce their cost as they are avoiding the transfer costs of the videos which may be substantial as interest continues to grow.

Their fact sheet states that the channels will allow consumers to find content they are interested in without having to search. They will also provide tools for users, the audience, to create their own space.

For video publishers they hope to assist in increasing viewership in a manner that the video publisher can control.

As their site evolves be sure to check back often, see their site here.


Read more about Sean Doherty here.


Read more about Odyssey Telecorp here.

Shoreline Capital : Site NA (Sean Doherty’s Shoreline capital is different than the Shoreline Capital found here.



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