Pulse Mobile Raises $7 Million : SMS Avatars for Your Phone

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Pulse Mobile Raises $7 Million in Series B
March 22, 2007

Pulse Mobile raises $7 million, funding was received from Anthem Venture Partners, Draper Associates, Shea Ventures, Hikari Tsushin Group in Japan, and several other Asian and European investors.

What does Pulse do?

Pulse Media provides multimedia messaging and user-generated content creation technologies for mobile and web applications. They can automatically transform static two-dimensional facial images into animated three-dimensional characters with synchronized audio – either recorded or via text-to-speech.

What will they use this funding for?

They stated the additional funding would be used for expanding research and development activities, supporting sales and distribution, and additional working capital.

VCU says:

Mobile is hot, and this service has a viral feel to it, especially in the teen demographic. We can see their avatars taking off and being shared with friends like wild fire.

Their line of products and services are called “Veepers”, such as: Veepers Visual Voicemail, Veepers Messaging, Veepers Wallpapers and Veepers VideoTones.

So what exactly do they offer? Think voice messages, text messages, ringtones, and all other messaging coming to life with avatars. Not only can you choose an avatar to speak the SMS message you just received, but you can import your own picture. The process consists of you providing your 2D picture, a typical everyday picture, of your dog as an example and they create a 3D animated image. Your dog can now speak your voicemail, read your SMS messages and more. Even better is the fact that you can take a picture with your mobile phone and use that image as your avatar.

Taking your mobile communications to a new level is what Pulse seems to be doing.

Try it here, pick your avatar and voice, and try it out by clicking here.

See their site here.



Read more about Anthem Venture Partners here.

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