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Teracent Raises $3.8 Million
March 29, 2007

Teracent raises $3.8 Million from New Enterprise Associates for a product advertising network.

What does Teracent do?

Teracent is a consumer product advertising network that matches product advertisements based on learning instead of the content surrounding the advertisement.

VCU says:

Teracent is currently in beta. An interesting aspect to online commerce and advertising is the ability to determine what a person may be interested and delivering the right ad to the righ person at the right time.

Teracent is an example of a company attempting to do just that with product advertising. While contextual advertising matches advertisements to content on the page in order to deliver what is beleived the most relevant advertisement, Teracent is attempting to learn what is or is not popular. They attempting to predict the hot consumer products.

The call it their “learning-based matching technology” to track the effectiveness of advertisements and continuously and adjust the targeting. They also show products in different advertising formats to learn which format sells a product best. The overall goal is to maximize revenue.

The only change necessary is a small amount of javascript on the publishers website.

See their site here.


Read more about New Enterprise Associates here.



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