Chumby Received $12.5 Million for their Internet Connected Device

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Chumby Received $12.5 Million for their Internet Connected Device

Chumby received $12.5 Million in series B funding from JK&B Capital, Avalon Ventures, Masthead Venture Partners and O`Reilly AlphaTech Ventures.

What does Chumby do?

Chumby has a device that connects via a wireless Internet connection to access and provide web content.

VCU says:

The chumby device, as you can see from the image below, is small yet can provide almost any type of content and media.

You are able to program what will be on your Chumby through the online interface. Once you have decided what you want it is displayed onto your personal Chumby.

This alleviates the need to open your laptop or turn on a desktop and access certain content which you can access immediately in an always on, small, portable device.

Commercial widget applications are made for the Chumby from media companies such as CBS, MTV Networks, MySpace, The Weather Channel Interactive, AOL`s SHOUTcast and Scripps Networks as well as others. Therefore you can obtain he latest news, weather and entertainment as well as the ability to share photos, widgets, e-cards and more with family and friends.

The platform is open to developers to hopefully increase the number of applications and content you can obtain through your Chumby.

Take a look at For Chumby Here.




Read more about Avalon Ventures here.

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Read more about O`Reilly AlphaTech Ventures here.

Read more about JK&B Capital here.

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