Fix8 Received $2 Million for Customizable Avatars and Accessories

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Fix8 Received $2 Million for Customizable Avatars and Accessories

Fix8 received $2 Million in series A funding from Series A financing from SK Telecom and Fix8 previously raised $3 Million in October 2007 from the Vickers Venture Group, all part of their A round now closed at a total of $5 Million.

What does Fix8 do?

Fix8 has an avatar customization technology to embed in chat clients and social sites.

VCU says:

Fix8 combines real-time interactive animated video creation and user generated content. The available tools are: creative accessories, voice manipulation, and editing tools. The acronym for their technology is H.E.A.R.T. (Human Expression Analysis & Rendering Technology) which digitizes human expressions and gestures via webcam allowing you to broadcast your video on popular social networking sites and instant messaging services such as AOL, MSN, Skype and Yahoo.

See the Fix8 site here.




SK Telecom

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