OpenSpan Receives First Round of $8 Million of Funding

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Why are Founders Stephen Beckett and Damon Lockwood smiling?

OpenSpan has just received first round of funding worth $8 Million

What is OpenSpan?

OpenSpan`s Surface Integrationâ„¢ is an innovative approach to desktop integration and automation software market.


Premiere venture capital firms Sigma Partners and Matrix Partners are the lead investors in this, first round of funding.

What will the first round of funding do for them?

They intend do use the first round of funding to further expand their direct and channel business operations, so that it can achieve its goal to being the leader in desktop integration and automation software market.

VCU says:

People everywhere could benefit from a single integrated platform that can cater to all their needs and also allow the freedom to customize it.

With OpenSpan’s Surface Integration™, the company has tried to fill this gap by offering a new and innovative approach to integrating the desktop. Their flagship product, Composite Studio allows for complete and rapid integration and automation between applications without the use of programming. It is, therefore, cost and time effective than any other solution.

Furthermore the Composite Studio is a visual design environment which allows both the IT and domain experts to achieve maximum efficiency of the current desktop applications functionalities, irrespective of their classification (Windows, web, legacy/host, Java, etc).

See their site here.

Read more about Stephen Beckett here.

Read more about Damon Lockwood here.

Read more about Sigma Partners here.

Read more about Matrix Partners here.

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