Federated Media Received $50 Million for Online Advertising Representation

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Federated Media Received $50 Million for Online Advertising Representation

Federated Media raised $50 Million in additional funding from Oak Investment Partners. Previously Federated Media raised $4.5 million.

What does Federated Media Publishing do?

Federated Media Publishing represents independent websites and authors and sells advertising space for them for a commission.

VCU says:

Federated Media works with independent website authors and sells their advertising space. Federated Media represents authors whose sites cater to cultural influencers, technology decision makers, and business leaders.

They call each grouping a “federation”, such as a federation focused on digital culture which reaches millions and millions of readers every month. They have added new federations in the media/entertainment, parenting, and small business categories, representing millions of entrepreneurs and consumers.

They claim that each federated media site has a point of view, accuracy to the facts, engagement with its community, responsibility, integrity and transparency.

Their revenue model is to sell advertising space on sites representing the site owner and receive a commission from the sale.

See the Federated Media website.


Read more about John Battelle here


Read more about Oak Investment Partners here

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