SaysMe Received Undisclosed Amount so You Can Run Ads on Television

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SaysMe Received Undisclosed Amount so You Can Run Ads on Television

SaysMe received an undisclosed amount in funding from Intel Capital, Prime Capital and Katalyst Films.

What does SaysMe do?

SaysMe allows you to buy advertising space and run their preapproved advertisements on television in a specific geographic area quickly and easily.

VCU says:

SaysMe is an incredible idea. You can take a look at their site right now, watch various advertisements and if you like one you will see the cost of running the ad on various networks in various geographic areas.

For example I watched a 24 second advertisement and it would have cost $50 to run it on MSNBC in the Raleigh-Durham area. For $50 it would have run once, you could choose to run it more than once.

You can also add your name to the end of the commercial as the sponsor. They are starting with the 2008 elections and provide premade advertisements, however overtime they state you will be able to personalize the advertisements even more.

A fascinating idea.

Take a look at SaysMe here.




Read more about Intel Capital here.

Prime Capital

Katalyst Films

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