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Kongregate Raises $3 Million for User Generated Games and Community

Kongregate received $3 Million in funding from Bezos Expeditions.

What does Kongregate do?

Kongregate is a niche social community around user generated online flash games.

VCU says:

Kongregate allows developers to upload their own flash games. Kongregate then places a set of community features around each game.

Features are added to each game such as a chat system, where players can chat with each other and the game developers. The social features allow users to tag, rate and comment on the games to provide developers with feedback. Users are also able to create friends lists and set up a profile page with their player stats.

Kongregate generates revenue through advertising and shares revenue with the game developers. Since the launch in early 2007 there are 1,500 games from 750 developers and over 850,000 unique visitors per month.

See the Kongregate website.


Read more about Eric D. Alterman here

Read more about Peter Clark here


Read more about Bezos Expeditions here.

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