Spot Runner Received $51 Million for their Online Television Spot Buying

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Spot Runner Received $51 Million for their Online Television Spot Buying

Spot Runner received $51 Million in funding from Daily Mail & General Trust, Grupo Televisa, Legg Mason Capital Management and Groupe Arnault/LVMH. Previous funding amount was $60 Million with SpotRunner receiving $40 Million of the $60 Million in October 2006.

What does Spot Runner do?

Spot Runner is an online advertising agency that focuses on Television spots allowing advertisers to purchase them online.

VCU says:

Spot Runner is an Internet-based ad agency that makes it easy and affordable for local businesses to advertise on TV. Through their site you have easy access to television which is traditionally costly to advertise on.

Spot Runner offers a solution for television advertising—commercial production, media planning and media buying—in a self-service system. The entire process now takes just days at a fraction of the cost.

You can search from a library of thousands of advertisements by industry and keyword. Each advertisement you can view online and choose the one you like best. This advertisement can be modified by you and tailored to fit your needs, upload an image to add, text etc.

Create your own schedule. Where you want it to run, even down to the zip code, and target by industry. Define your budget, determine how long you want the advertisement to run, create a campaign, and your done.

See the Spot Runner website.

Read more about Nick Grouf here.

Read more about David Waxman here.


Daily Mail & General Trust
Grupo Televisa
Legg Mason Capital Management
Groupe Arnault/LVMH

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