PurePlay Received $15 Million for Legal Online Poker

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PurePlay Received $15 Million for Legal Online Poker

PurePlay received $15 Million in series C funding from Bay Partners.

What does PurePlay do?

PurePlay is an online poker site that is compliant with United States gaming laws as a play-for-cash site without deposits.

VCU says:

PurePlay is pure genius, plain and simple. How are they getting away with this? Simple, there is no “gambling” involved. Sounds odd but it is true, with PurePlay you pay a monthly subscription fee and cannot lose money, only win money. One could argue the monthly fee is a loss however it is a known fixed monthly fee that is not “gambled”.

This is my favorite site for 2008 so far. Not because it is poker related or in the gambling field, but because it shows what true entrepreneurism is. Two individuals found a solution for the problem in the U.S. that “gambling” is not legal online. You can gamble in a state but not online, therefore as will always happen with every law enacted or banned you will change peoples behavior to comply with the law and at the same time you will also find individuals who create alternatives such as these.

Take a look at PurePlay if you like poker and no longer feel that you are doing something illegal by playing poker online.

See the PurePlay website.




Read more about Bay Partners here.

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