Mozes Received $11.5 Million for Mobile Marketing

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Mozes Received $11.5 Million for Mobile Marketing

Mozes received $11.5 Million in series B funding from Maveron LLC, North Bridge Venture Partners and Norwest Venture Partners. They previously raised $5 Million.

What does Mozes do?

Mozes provides an interactive mobile marketing service.

VCU says:

Mozes is a mobile marketing service. Here is how their business works, not unlike advertising networks. However Mozes attempts to own their inventory by creating lists that they own.

Essentially marketers pay Mozes to create a mobile campaign, such as text 18276 to XYZ and hear the latest song from singer Y. Mozes creates and fulfills the campaign. They can create these for marketers time and time again however they need to advertise the campaign to obtain users.

If Mozes owned a list of opt-in mobile phone users they could create marketing campaigns. Mozes is doing just that, when they fulfill campaigns they ask the participants if they would like to receive future promotions and therefore own the list. Now when a marketer wants to create a campaign Mozes can make a larger margin as the portion of the media spend for the advertising buy goes directly to them because they own the audience.

Mozes states that .4 million people have participated in a Mozes-powered campaign, including over 600,000 participants having opted-in to a Mozes “mob”. The “mob” is their own mobile list to receive ongoing exclusive text and voice messages.

See the Mozes website.




Read more about Maveron LLC here.

Read more about North Bridge Venture Partners here.

Read more about Norwest Venture Partners here.

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