Fabrik Raises $24.9 Million for Managing Personal Digital Content

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Fabrik Received $24.9 Million for Managing Personal Digital Content
May 19, 2007

Fabrik raised $24.9 Million in it’s fourth round of funding, this was received from 3i.

What does Fabrik do?

Fabrik provides offline backup storage solutions as well as online backup storage solutions.

VCU says:

Fabrik Inc. provides storage and online content sharing solutions, they have an offline hardware SimpleDrive desktop solution for add-on storage, backup and restore capabilities to manage your personal or professional content.

Here is the interesting part, each purchase of their SimpleDrive solution includes a free 2GB of space on their myFabrik service. myFabrik.com provides an online account to store, organize, embed and share your personal or professional content online.

You may share multimedia content and other digital files with individuals or groups both privately by sending an email with a personal web page that Fabrik provides you can make your files public.

They have begun to add features such as combining different file types to create slideshows and media players and they allow you to post content to sites such as eBay. To take it one step further they have created widgets that you may embed into blogs and social networking sites.

You are not limited to 1 or 2 GB but can purchase larger chunks of storage such as 500 GB and access your photos, video, music and other files from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Take a look at myFabrik.com.



Read more about 3i here.


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