Opposing Views Received $1.25 Million for a Site Highlighting Opposing Views

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Opposing Views Received $1.25 Million for a Site Highlighting Opposing Views

Opposing Views received $1.25 Million in Series A from Frontera Group and individual investors.

What does Opposing Views do?

Opposing Views highlights opposing views from experts on many different topics and issues.

VCU says:

Opposing Views is in beta as of the writing of this article. They state they are a media company which means they will likely place advertising messages around their content, distribute, syndicate, or any of the above.

This site is to go into beta this summer, from the press release “Opposing Views gives the general consumer one place to get all sides of the truth from experts and opinion leaders on issues they face each day. Experts go head-to-head on topics and questions about political issues, health, personal finance and parenting, allowing users to quickly become well-informed, make decisions and take action.


Russell Fine


Frontera Group and individual investors

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