Multiverse Raises $4.175 Million for Virtual Worlds

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Multiverse Raises $4.175 Million for Virtual Worlds
June 1, 2007

Multiverse raised $4.175 Million from Sterling Stamos Capital Management.

What does Multiverse do?

Multiverse has created a new technology platform designed to assist game developers with the resources they need to enter the online game market more easily.

VCU says:

In a recent press release Multiverse stated that “…over 10,000 development teams from around the world have signed-up to use the Multiverse Platform, and over 150 teams have begun building projects ranging from fantasy and science fiction MMOGs to educational worlds designed to teach users everything from math and science to the works of William Shakespeare.”

Multiverse plans to use the funding to hire additional staff, complete version 1.0 of its platform, and launch its consumer network of games and virtual worlds later this year or early 2008.

Multiverse is assisting indie developers in competition with the larger publishers and providing them a platform to allow them to be competitive.

They claim their platform will assist developers in creating high-quality, Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) and other non-game virtual worlds for less money and in less time, thereby more efficient and competitive. Their solution has pre-coded client-server infrastructure and tools and free content.

You can download the Multiverse code (SDK) with a sample game and documentation, and take a look at their upcoming games page to see who and what has been created with their tools.

They also have a developer marketplace for developers to buy and sell assets they have created to others.

As a developer the code is free and Multiverse makes its money through revenue-sharing, taking a piece of the sale only when you make money.

We loved their site and service when we reported the Multiverse $850,000 Raise.

See their site: Multiverse.

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