Veoh Receives $30 Million for Downloadable Videos

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Veoh Raised $30 Million for Downloadable Videos

Veoh Receives $30 Million for downloadable videos from Intel Corp, Adobe Systems Inc and Capital Research Global Investors. This brings their total invested to $109.5 Million, most recently we reported on $26 Million for Veoh.

What does Veoh do?

Veoh allows you to find and view videos, and unlike YouTube you may download them.

VCU says:

From the Veoh website

“[Veoh…] also the name for a suite of applications for collecting, publishing, and watching a vast selection of HD-quality video programming. Veoh is a diverse, virtual community of indie publishers coming together with their new audiences. And it’s also a few offices in Southern California full of entertainment industry insiders, outsiders, and technologists.”

In a press release we saw that Veoh stated they are focusing on 33 markets, after shutting access to regions that represented about 10 percent of its traffic.

Veoh will continue to create video advertising solutions and focus on their off-net content as you can download videos from them.

Take a look at Veoh.


Read more about Dmitry Shapiro here.


Read more about Intel Corp here.

Adobe Systems Inc.

Capital Research Global Investors

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