ClickFox Received $12.5 Million for their Customer Behavior Intelligence

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ClickFox Received $12.5 Million for their Customer Behavior Intelligence

ClickFox received $12 million from Ascent Venture Partners, Cedar Fund, Veritas Venture Partners and Delta Ventures.

What does ClickFox do?

ClickFox provides analytics on customer behavior.

VCU says:

ClickFox provides a solution they call Customer Behavior Intelligence (CBI) software. They also refer to the analytics as Customer Experience Analytics.

Essentially they watch the behavior of a customer step by step and analyze their experience. What is interesting is the fact that ClickFox can analyze voice system and speech-enabled IVRs, CTI, Web, kiosks, wireless devices, and CRM applications.

From this information they make a visual map, see the image below, which shows what customers actually do and why. Companies can then make changes or modifications based on this information.

Take a look at ClickFox.




Ascent Venture Partners

Cedar Fund

Veritas Venture Partners

Delta Ventures

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