Brash Raises $400 Million for Movie and Television Video Games

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Brash Receives $400 Million for Video Game Development
June 6, 2007

Brash Entertainment LLC received $400 Million for video game development of movies and television shows, and received funding from ABRY Partners, New York Life Capital Partners III, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance, and PPM America Private Equity Fund II.

What does Brash do?

Brash creates video games based on movies and television.

VCU says:

Wow, $400 Million, how do you pull of that large of a money raise? Well for starters you have some heavy hitter industry (video game) veterans, add more than 40 licenses through partnerships with five major film studios, stir in Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group as the distribution arm, and realize that the worldwide video game industry is about $30 billion.

Brash is looking to create high quality games that already have a built in recognition as they are created from movies, television, and/or music.

See: Brash Entertainment Here.

Mitch Davis, Nicholas Longano, Thomas Tull and Bert Ellis.


Read more about ABRY Partners, LLC here.


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