deviantART Raises $3.5 Million for Artists Community

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deviantART Raises $3.5 Million for Artists Community
June 15, 2007

DeviantArt received $3.5 Million for their artists community and we read that DivX was an investor.

What does deviantART do?

deviantART is an artists community (social network) to connect artists and fans on a massive scale.

VCU says:

deviantART could be explained as a social community for artists and their fans. Their revenue comes from subscriptions (monthly), sale of merchandise, and advertising.

From their CEO Angelo a post states what they will do with the money raised “The first thing that we’re going to do is build out an additional co-location site, which is to say we’re building a religious monument of nerd perfection. It will serve as our second co-location facility and bring a metric ton of additional hardware resources to the community. The major positive side effects of this investment in equipment will be a resolution to the sluggishness of the site at peak times. We’re also going to be making some much needed additions to the engineering horsepower at deviantART in order to complete various open projects.

They state that each month they have 15 million absolute unique visitors, so the above hardware is probably a necessary investment.

Take a look at deviantART.


Read more about Angelo Sotira here.


DivX – NA


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