StudioNow Raises $1.5 Million to Make Your Movies Better

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StudioNow Raises $1.5 Million to Make Your Movies Better
June 15, 2007

StudioNow received $1.5 Million from Claritas Capital.

What does StudioNow do?

StudioNow allows you to upload your movies and the StudioNow community of editors and directors make your videos better.

VCU says:

StudioNow was founded in January 2007 and has a unique model to take your home movies, or any movies, and allow those with film making expertise transform your video. They allow digital photos as well and claim it is affordable.

The community allows you to connect with directors and editors. The end product is available within 48 hours for review and purchase online. Prices start at $19.99 and increase based on editing time, experience of editor and amount of material submitted.

Take a look at StudioNow.


Read more about David Mason here.

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Read more about Claritas Capital here.


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