PixSense Raises $2 Million for Low Bandwidth Mobile Media Transfer

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PixSense Raises $2 Million for Low Bandwidth Mobile Media Transfer
June 22, 2007

PixSense receives $2 Million for their mobile carrier picture solution from QUALCOMM.

What does PixSense do?

Pixsense has create a solution to allow mobile camera phones to send their high resolution pictures compressed to decrease bandwidth.

VCU says:

PixSense provides their solution to carriers. At the heart of the service is their media compression. The PixSense solution provides the ability to compress media file size such as photos and video by up to 90 percent. Most impressively there is no loss in media quality.

The ability to decrease file size by 90% allows the data transmission to obviously take up less bandwidth. Since there is no loss in the quality of the media users will not be disappointed when using the service.

In the web 2.0 world having the ability to cost effectively transfer audio and video directly to the web via your mobile phone will be well received. Users will be happy.

Through lossless media compression carriers will be excited by the ability to cost effectively offer rich-media services to mobile subscribers.

Take a look at PixSense.


Read more about Faraz Hoodbhoy here.


Read more about Qualcomm Ventures here.


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