Jaxtr Received $10 Million for their Free Calls and Private Numbers

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Jaxtr Received $6.4 Million for their Free Calls and Private Numbers

Jaxtr raised a total of $10 Million in series B funding from Lehman Brothers Venture Partners, completing a round where they started with $6.4 Million in Series B. Jaxtr Received $10 Million in series A funding.

What does Jaxtr do?

Jaxtr has a free service to link your phone to your online persona to receive calls while keeping your number private.

VCU says:

The Jaxtr service allows others to call you through the Jaxtr service. Instead of revealing your phone number you may post the Jaxtr contact. Users know you by your Jaxtr contact and they are connected directly to you as Jaxtr redirects the call to your phone.

Anonymity is secure as only Jaxtr knows your true phone number. If your phone number ever changes you simply update the number in Jaxtr`s database for redirection. You may also block certain individuals from ever reaching you.

While they have ad supported phone calls they are adding a pay for call service as well, once you use your 100 free minutes you pay for additional service.

See the Jaxtr website.


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