Digitalsmiths Raise $6 Million for Video Ad Matching

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Digitalsmiths Raise $6 Million for Video Ad Matching
June 28, 2007

Digitalsmiths receives $6 Million in their series A round for video ad matching from Aurora Funds and Chrysalis Ventures.

What does Digitalsmiths do?

Digitalsmiths is a digital video search technology company.

VCU says:

Digitalsmiths is a digital video search technology company, which is an understatement as they seem to excel with their video ad-matching system to integrate seamlessly with existing online ad networks.

This product is called VideoSenseâ„¢ which is a video indexing and video ad-matching solution. As Google places ads on webpages Digitalsmiths is a video contextual advertising solution.

After interpreting a piece of broadband video, VideoSense applies contextually targeted ads to specific sections of a given video stream, changing out the ads as frequently as desired by the advertiser or publisher.

Their second product is called InSceneâ„¢ designed to enable motion picture and television companies to maximize the value of their library material by digitizing video and making it easily searchable.

What is truly interesting is that while most of those raising capital are startups, Digitalsmiths was founded in 1998 by Ben, profiled below, who is still the CEO.

Take a look at Digitalsmiths.


Read more about Ben Weinberger here.


Read more about Aurora Funds here.

Read more about Chrysalis Ventures here.


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