Zippi Receives $1 of $10 Million to Help You Sell

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Zippi Receives $1 of $10 Million to Help You Sell
August 10, 2007

Zippi received an agreement to have access to $10 Million and they drew down their first $1 Million, they received the funding from Palm Valley Capital LLC.

What does Zipi do?

Zippi sells your stuff on eBay for you, and provides eBay sellers a way to increase their selling inventory.

VCU says:

Zippi will pick up the items you want to sell, sell them on eBay for you and provide you with the funds. Zippi takes a fee of course.

They state that Zippi offers a new way to accumulate and sell unique products, turning each and every sale into a commissionable opportunity for online sellers.. Zippi is using network marketing, allowing others “affiliates” to pick up and sell the merchandise. Therefore, to expand the Zippi footprint they allow you to join their network and become an affiliate using their brand name. Affiliates pick up the merchandise, sell, and keep a commission.

How it works – is the end consumer calls the 1-800 line and Zippi contacts an affiliate to pick up, auction, send a final check in the mail, and keep a commission.

Zippi is listed on the Pink Sheets (Pink Sheets:ZPNW).

See the Zippi website.




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