Sermo Raises $25 Million for Closed Doctor Network

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Sermo Raises $25 Million for Closed Doctor Network
September 7, 2007

Sermo received $25 million from Legg Mason, Longworth Venture Partners and Softbank Capital.

What does Sermo do?

Sermo is a closed network, much like a social network, only open to physicians.

VCU says:

Sermo is an online community that only doctors from the United States may join. Once a doctor joins they are authenticated in real time. Apparently it is not easy to join as they wish to only allow physicians in, however they have somehow automated this strict authentication process.

What is interesting is, unless I have this incorrect, the physicians join for free and collaborate with other doctors. While others cannot join, they can obtain a form of the information for a fee. Therefore others are able to view or watch what happens within the community. I am making this assumption from what I read on their site, as I cannot join, so if anyone has insight please comment.

Note a doctorate is not enough, you must be a physician. Below is a description of what a physician may do once they join.

“Once you are part of the Sermo community, you are free to discuss any topic relevant to the medical community, ask questions, monitor physicians observations, comment on postings, use keywords to search for information, search for postings within your specialty, submit an image to the community, bookmark and track your favorite postings, tell others how relevant you think a posting really is. In short, Sermo enables you to exchange medical knowledge with your colleagues instantaneously, and even send postings to colleagues who are not members of the community.”

See the Sermo site.


Read more about Daniel Palestrant here


Legg Mason – NA

Read more about Softbank Capital here

Read more about Longworth Venture Partners here


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