Satisfaction Receives $1.3 Million for Web 2.0 Online Customer Service

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Satisfaction Receives $1.3 Million for Web 2.0 Online Customer Service
September 14, 2007What does Satisfaction do?

Satisfaction is an online customer service site allowing both the company and customers to answer support questions.

VCU says:

Satisfaction’s site is and they provide people powered customer support or service. They claim the service can be used for absolutely everything, I have tried to think of an area it would not apply and the best I can come up with is follow on surgery as a form of customer support, haha. Seems as though it does have wide applicability.

Essentially the website is a place where communities of customers come together to answer each others questions. Individuals may also report and solve problems and generally talk about about what matters to them around the products or services.

What is unique here is the ability for the companies that are being talked about to be involved and engage with their customers. It is the unique neutral forum for both companies and customers to work together in an effort to obtain better, faster customer service for the customers and hopefully more cost effective customer service and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Great idea, and it will be interesting to know, of those companies that use it, how much of their day to day customer support costs are reduced through actively using this site. It is also possible their costs will be increased.

See the Satisfaction site.




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