Nirvanix Receives $12 Million for a Media Storage Delivery Network

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Nirvanix Receives $12 Million for a Media Storage Delivery Network
September 18, 2007What does Nirvanix do?

Nirvanix has a media Storage Delivery Network (SDN) for scalability.

VCU says:

Nirvanix is a provider of a storage delivery service optimized for
media applications. This system competes with Amazon S3.

Nirvanix named their service as “storage-as-a-service” (SaaS).

For anyone running a website today, with millions if not 10’s of millions users and a large amount of user generated content continues, the need for additional storage has grown exponentially. Nirvanix empowers developers with a powerful, yet affordable solution for storing and distributing user-generated content and other digital media.

The Nirvanix service provides dynamic load balancing for peak performance; intelligent uploading/downloading to accelerate access; clustered architecture for enhanced data protection; and global namespace for unlimited scalability. The platform is fully redundant in every layer of its infrastructure, includes RAID-6 data protection, is supported by 24/7 operations, and comes with the industry’s only guaranteed service level agreement.

They believe that the scalable storage service would power the backbone of web applications and services. The Nirvanix service has been built from the ground up to support Internet-scale media storage requirements and to remove the barriers of managing and storing billions of files for millions of users.

They state a total of 40 customers use their service.

See their portal Nirvanix Here.




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