Turn Raises $8 Million for Targeted Advertising Network

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Turn Raises $8 Million for Targeted Advertising Network
September 24, 2007What does Turn do?

Turn is an online advertising network.

VCU says:

Turn is an online advertising network servicing advertisers, agencies and publishers. While that sounds like a standard ad network the twist is Turn’s desire to better target the advertising.

The network attempts to serve the best interests of both advertisers and publishers. To do this they provide a Cost Per Action (CPA) for advertisers thereby allowing them to only pay when the desired action has taken place. For publishers desiring a fixed revenue stream of Cost Per Thousand (CPM) Turn claims their predictive modeling can provide the highest Effective Cost Per Thousand or eCPM.

An interesting cost per action of Turn allows the defined actions to be: the amount of time a consumer spends interacting with the advertiser’s web site, a simple visit, a product sale, a lead, or any other type of custom action the advertiser wants to define.

Also, as most good networks they do not allow publishers with controversial content.

See Turn Here.


Jim Barnett


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