Wikinvest Raises $2.5 Million for a Wiki about Stocks

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Wikinvest Raises $2.5 Million for a Wiki about Stocks
October 1, 2007What does Wikinvest do?

Wikinvest is an online stock wiki.

VCU says:

Wikinvest was launched in 2006 and is an investing resource that aims to provide investors with information about companies, trends, and concepts affecting the business world. Using a Wiki approach, Wikinvest uses crowdsourcing to help create an investment research tool that actively encourages community participation.

Wikinvest divides company coverage into “Neutral,” “Bull,” and “Bear” perspectives so that investors can understand the range of arguments for and against investing in a particular stock. In addition, the site offers insights into movements in stock prices, an ongoing frustration for individual investors who have limited research tools available to them.

One of the interesting features is the unique WikiCharts that allow users to annotate stock charts, explaining the price movements of hundreds of companies.

While this is an interesting community idea I hope they have plenty of legal disclaimers as the idea of community provided stock information and opinion can be dangerous.

See the Wikinvest site here.


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