madKast Received $300,000 for a Share and Bookmarking Widget

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madKast Received $300,000 for a Share and Bookmarking Widget
October 5, 2007What does madKast do?

madKast provides a sharing and bookmarking widget.

VCU says:

The madKast widget that you add to your site provides a “share” icon, see the screen shot below. The individual sharing the content on a website may then share the post via email, mobile, or instant messanger.

The widget also allows you to then bookmark on many of the popular social networks.

For the frequent user madKast stores friend’s contact information across websites. To make sharing as simple as possible, madKast provides bloggers with detailed analytics as well as revenue sharing. I am not sure what the revenue sharing is at the moment but stay tuned.

To spur adoption it is always good to either offer needed functionality or revenue or in this case both is great, expect this to catch on with bloggers.

To test it I did exactly what they said not to do, which is put it in the text of a post. It worked find in Firefox but not IE 7. I will not remove it from this post and place it in the

See the madKast site here.


Doug Ludlow, Johann Moonesinghe, and Anthony Restuccia.


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EONBusiness Venture Capital, Brad Feld (Managing Director of Foundry Group), David Cohen (Executive Director of TechStars), Jared Polis (Founder of and, Paul Berberian (Founder and CEO of Raindance Communications; founder of Market Force Information), David Brown (Founder and President of ZOLL Data Systems), and Marc Silverman (Executive Director of CTEK Boulder).

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